Are You Doing These Things for Your Dry Aging Hands

Hand care begins with nutrients, removal of toxins, and an infusion of moisture. If you are eating good, organic food and drinking plenty of water, doing regular hand massages will increase circulation which will increase the nutrients to you skin cells and will and aids in the removal of toxins. Increased internal moisture is also a great benefit that your skin will get through a healthy diet, fluid intake, and regular hand massage. You can examine and change your diet and fluid intake, and see a manicurist regularly to achieve these benefits or you can learn to pamper your hands at home. I do have to tell you that the good side to home massage is that you spend less money, but the bad side is that you do not receive the same relaxation that you would by visiting a manicurist. If you want beautiful hands and nails from home, check out our sections on diet to learn more about what you should be eating to achieve healthy skin, drink your water, and do the following massage at least once per week.

In order to do a proper hand massage, you will want a lotion or oil that can be warmed. Many times, you will find that warming in the microwave will work, but you should be very careful using this method. The emollient (lotion or oil) can get very hot very quickly in the microwave.

It is better to find a product that is packaged in individual packets which are designed to be placed in a bowl of hot water to warm them. You can often find these for hair care and they are fine to use for your hand massage. You will need a mild cleanser, a kitchen sink full of warm water, a hand towel (you will get oil or lotion on this so do not choose that hand-embroidered towel that has been passed through generations), and the above-mentioned emollient that you can warm.

The water in your sink should be fairly warm but not hot. You want to help soften your skin to prepare it for the massage, but you do not want to strip natural oils from your skin. Make sure that you are wearing an older, short-sleeved shirt or that you can roll (or otherwise fix) your sleeves up to your elbow. First, rest both hands in the sink, making sure that the water is high enough to reach at least half way up your forearm. Let them soak until they begin to feel relaxed. You may choose to do the massage as part of a bath, which makes it easier to soak your hand and forearms comfortably.

Second, smooth the warm oil (or warm lotion) all over both hands and forearms from the elbow to the tips of your nails, getting between each finger and along each nail. Begin to massage by using your thumb to gently rub small circles along the opposite arm, starting at the elbow. If you thumb cannot comfortably massage a portion of the arm, use the fingertips.

Work you way down the forearm, massaging both the inside and outside of the forearm. Once you have massaged the entire arm, you should be at your wrist. Using your thumb, give this area some extra care and massage time. Wrists are often inflamed and may be sore due to repetitive motions due to work.

This inflammation can slow the circulation to your hands, which is why you want to spend some extra massage time here. Massage both the inner and outer wrist in tiny circles. Resting the back of your hand (being massaged) on the fingers of the other hand, place your thumb in the palm. You will feel plenty of muscle in this area and will probably feel quite a bit of tension in these muscles. Massage tiny circles over each muscle, relieving the tension in them.

If a muscle feels particularly tight, massage it until it begins to loosen. Once your palm muscles are fairly limber, you are ready to move to the fingers and thumb. Begin at the base of your pinky (smallest) finger with your massaging fingertips on the back and your massaging thumb on the palm-side of the finger. Rub small circles with both your thumb and fingers at the same time; work from the base to the tip. Repeat this finger massage two times on each finger and on your thumb. Turn your hand over and rub tiny circles around each nail, making sure to massage all the way around each nail.

Repeat the process on the other arm and wipe excess oil from both arms and hands using the hand towel.

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