Cosmetic Surgery How to Get Back on Your Feet Quickly After Undergoing It

Sometimes all thats keeping you from the body of your dreams is a limited time schedule. While it is true that recovering from cosmetic surgery will require a resting period, technological advancements, new surgical techniques, and some simple tips can have you back on your feet before your vacation time dwindles away. Depending on the extent of the procedure, you might find yourself ready to return to your normal activities faster than you thought its possible.

The recovery time varies greatly with each different procedure and complications can extend the time. But under optimal circumstances many cosmetic surgeries can be recovered sufficiently from, in one to two weeks. New techniques such as the use of limited and smaller incisions and a range of new medication treatments will also speed up the process.

Plastic surgeons now use short-acting anesthetic agents, and when followed with anti-emetic medications that shorten the anesthetic recovery period, you can be well on your way to feeling more comfortable immediately following surgery. Pre and post-op medications also help to minimize discomfort, swelling, and bruising.

Pre-surgery and post-op preparation will also greatly help you have a smooth, stress-free recovery. By following these few simple tips, youll allow yourself more time to rest and get back into shape.


Stock Up
Have all food, toiletries, and other day-to-day necessities stocked up at home before you undergo plastic surgery. A trip to the grocery store can be a daunting task when your body is aching, and you definitely dont want to risk ripping any stitches.

Plan not to leave your house for anything for at least a week. That way you can give your body ample time to repair.

Arrange Transportation Early
Most patients will find that they are unable to drive themselves home after surgery. Arrange to have a friend or family member drive you in advance. It is also a good idea to have a backup driver just in case plans change at the last minute.

Fill Prescriptions
Fill any prescriptions at least the day before surgery.

Youll want any pain medications handy immediately when you arrive home. By minimizing potential sources of stress early on, your body will be better able to cope through the recovery process.


Your cosmetic surgeon will prescribe medications to help you cope with the effects of anesthesia, pain, as well as swelling and bruising. Topical creams and medical manual lymphatic drainage can also accelerate the healing process.

Camouflage makeup can be professionally applied or in less severe cases can be done at home. Residual bruising and discoloration can be covered, allowing you to return to work sooner without any visible signs of surgery.

Of course the most important and effective way to recover quickly is to rest as much as possible. Although you may be uncomfortable, sleep as much as possible and drink plenty of fluids. Treat recovery as a vacation.

Rent some movies, call up friends, read a book, and avoid stress at all costs. Quality often beats quantity.


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