Diamonds Desirable from Generation to Generation

For decades, people around the globe have been aware of two main things about diamonds. First, they are the hardest substance that the earth has produced. Second, they are expensive.

While that is very common knowledge, what is less well-known is precisely how diamonds are formed and why they have become so valuable and treasured. Diamonds are minerals that start out as carbon and change form after many years. Certain conditions must occur in order for the carbon deposits to form into a diamond. Some 3000 years ago in India, the first diamonds were recorded to have been discovered.

Ever since those days, diamonds have enjoyed a reputation for their value and their beauty. They are held by many as symbols of status, quality, abundance, power, and even royalty. The term diamond comes from the Greek word "adamas," which mean indomitable. Actually, in many ancient civilizations, warriors wore diamonds as a symbol of courage, strength, and invincibility as they marched into battle. There are many more examples just like this one demonstrating how the diamond has become an integral part of history, culture, and the lore of many countries. Currently, most diamonds are mined in the nations of central and southern Africa.

However, many gems are mined in other parts of the world, including Brazil, Australia, Canada, and Siberia. Siberia boasts the single largest diamond mine in the world. Any person that has gone shopping for a diamond ring, diamond earrings, or other diamond jewelry is probably familiar with the fact that the De Beers Corporation largely controls the diamond market. De Beers is known for their high quality standards and only selects the best diamonds.

Unfortunately, due to the considerable control they have over the diamond market in some parts of the world, De Beers has been accused of monopolizing the entire market. Without question, the diamond remains one of the most sought after and valued gems available. Most high-end jewelry pieces are embellished with a diamond or two. The standard that symbolizes love, romance, and commitment is a diamond engagement ring.

The pricing of diamonds varies considerably, depending on the overall quality of the specific stone. Four criteria are evaluated when scoring the quality and value of a diamond. These criteria are known as the Four "C"s, standing for color, clarity, cut and carat.

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