Fashion tips: dressing up basic black clothing´┐Ż

To keep your black clothes looking more chic and less like a uniform takes a little work. With a few cheerful accessories and spectacular shoes, you'll look great.

Your basic black clothing doesn't have to be boring. There are so many great things about black clothing. It's slimming for one and elegant for another. Is simple to pull together and can be worn for day or night.

For some women black clothes save them for special events, those long mornings standing in front of the closet deciding what to wear and from the battle of the bulge. To keep your black clothes looking more chic and less like a uniform takes a little work. With the right look, a few good colorful and cheerful accessories and spectacular shoes, your basic black is not basic at all. Here are many ways to dress up your black clothing.

For Work

Looking professional for work in all black clothing is simple. To dress up a basic black suit, opt for a colorful shirt in hues such as blue, green, reds or yellows. Carry a tote that has a strong shape, which guarantees professionalism and functionality. Try a fabulous shoe in a metallic tone such as gold or silver. Spice up this basic work ensemble with bold jewelry such as dangly earrings, a bold bangle or ring.

For Day

The perfect black ensemble for day is the perfect button down shirt and Capri style or long black pants. It's sophisticated and easy to pull together. To dress up this look for day, go for interesting accessories in bold shapes and intriguing colors. Try a beautiful colorful coat in yellow or red to give the outfit an extra punch.

For Night

Dress up that little black sheath dress a la Jackie O. style. Throw on gobs of pearls, dressy shoes any fashion diva would die for and create a beautiful smoky eye and a darker lipstick for night.

For a Gala Occasion

If wearing a long black gown for a gala event, keep all eyes on the gown by keeping hair, jewelry and accessories very simple. To dress up the look for high-impact glamour, try a faux fur stole.

There are several essential black pieces that every wardrobe should have. Here's the list of must-haves:

The Black Blazer: You can pair this with just about anything from jeans, to dress pants to trousers. It gives your look instant polish.

The Little Black Dress: This can take you from day to evening events. And, when dressed up right it can look incredibly sophisticated (think Audrey Hepburn).

The Long Black Dress: This is perfect for that just-around-the-corner gala event that you just haven't planned for.

The Black Trouser: Goes with everything and is every woman's must-have, whether you need them for work or special events. Pair with your black blazer or colorful shirts.

The Jewelry: For each look try different jewelry. This will change the look of your basic black clothes. One day, try pearls and for the next do necklaces with semi-precious stones. Go ethnic by wearing a beautiful Indian necklace or something from another culture that will sure get lots of attention.

The Shoes: Go for special shoes with character. Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade or Guess is perfect examples of shoes with pizzazz. Note: Budget minded babes: watch for sales, which can be spectacular from these designer giants. You won't break the bank and you'll look incredible. When dressing up your basic black, remember to be unique and go for a look that fits you. And, that makes for incredible dressing - basic black or not.

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