How to Dress Ten Pounds Slimmer�

If you are carrying around some extra weight from the holidays, you don't have to cover it up with baggy sweaters and sweats. It's easy to dress to look ten pounds slimmer while you are in the process of taking off those extra pounds.

First, you should wear darker colors such as black, gray and navy blue. You can also wear pantyhose or body shapers under you're clothes to keep yourself tucked in tight. Chose fabrics that aren't clingy and avoid bulky looking materials. You should also draw attention to you're best feature, for instance if you have nice legs, show them off in a mid length skirt. Also, you can wear scarves or earring's to draw attention away from you're body and to you're face. Chose clothing that doesn't have large patterns or buttons on them as they tend to make you look larger, and also try adding shoulder pads to make you're waist appear smaller and to allow you're clothes to hang better.

Another good tip is to use accessories such as hand bags and earring's that match your size. If you are rather large and u have a little tiny purse, it is going to make you seem larger in comparison. The same goes for small women, because if you are tiny and have an extra large purse, you are going to look emaciated beside it. Also, if you are carrying around some extra weight, you don't have to avoid sleeveless shirts, especially evening wear that you can wear with a shawl or dressy jacket to cover up your arms. Finally, don't wear baggy clothes, they will not make you look slimmer. Your best bet would be to wear clothes that suggest at your curves without being too revealing. This will make you look your best.

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