How To Look Younger Minute A Day Miracle

Speedy facial massage helps give your complexion a healthy boost and makes you look years younger. Here are 4 quick and easy tips that you can apply in your daily routine on how to massage your face. 1. Cleanse and tone your complexion to remove make-up and daily dirt and grime. Make sure your hands are clean and glide them across your face from your temple outwards. Repeat twice.

2. Apply moisturiser or night-cream to your hands and then gently stroke from the top of your chest to your chin in upward movements. Give your cheeks a real firming boost by applying some pressure to the underneath of your cheekbones, pinching the flesh on the top of your cheeks with your index fingers. Keep up the pressure and gently pinch outwards along to where your cheekbone and jawbone meet.

Gently massage this area for a while and then release and repeat the action a couple more times. 3. Tension can make you look old so help ease it by using the pads of your fingers in small circular movements across your forehead. Start in the centre and finish at the temples.

Place your thumbs underneath your brow-bone and apply pressure upwards along the ridge of your eye-socket. 4. Ease puffy eyes by using the flats of your fingers on both hands and gently massage your skin in a circular motion, pushing slightly upwards.

Start at your sinuses and work your way along the cheeks to under the eye area. Repeat five times."" Practice doing this everyday so you can remember it. Your skin will be thanking you for it later.

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