Its Unbelievable But Facial Laser Hair Removal Really Works

Excess body hair can really be annoying although it is a usual problem. It is actually one of the greatest sources of fuss among women when it comes to beauty. The most common area of concern is the face, especially the eyebrow and upper lip area. Hair growth is largely influenced by genes and race.

White people apparently tend to have excess facial hair than Asians and Blacks. Also, hair growth may come in different stages. Some may develop them as early as puberty and observe that it is actually getting worse as they age.

During pregnancy and menopause, it may also become more obvious. However, take note that sudden hair growth in special instances may be a sign of some serious medical conditions so make sure you consult your doctor when you do observe it occurring. Hair comes in different types, depths, and densities.

There is literally no standard or usual size. This adds up to the problem of eliminating it permanently. There are a lot of treatments and solutions available in the market today but do not seem to continuously satisfy people. Shaving is the easiest way but hair goes back as early as a day after. It also leaves unsightly bumps and may really be abrasive to the skin.

Plucking, which guarantees longer effects, is time-consuming and painful. A lot of creams have been already been introduced but seem to produce equally frustrating results. Most of them even cause irritation and redness.

Waxing, on the other hand, has gained popularity among women because it makes one hair-free for two to three weeks. However, the process is quite painful and it often leaves ingrown hair. A recent treatment called electrolysis tries to kill the root of the each hair. However, it can be quite expensive and time consuming as it requires several visits to clear a very small area. Indeed, people have been seeking for the best solution.

The most recent treatment, which has gained a lot of peoples satisfaction, is the laser technique. The system basically employs targeted flashes of light that aim to block the potential of the hair follicle to grow back. As the flashes are targeted, it is not harmful to surrounding tissues. It can also cover several hair follicles at once thereby not requiring several visits to permanently eliminate unwanted hair. Treatment may depend on the type of hair and skin as well as the size of the area.

It may last for only several minutes or as long as an hour. Since it is most effective during the hairs active growth phase which does not happen simultaneously, the doctor makes a treatment schedule at the start to identify the number of visits. Side effects are said to be very rare and minimal if any although this may vary from patient to patient. Some redness or swelling may be observed right after but easily fade soon after. The patient can immediately go back to his normal activities. To date, this has been one of the best techniques when it comes to hair removal as it has been a product of years and years of research and study.

However, make sure that when you do come in for this treatment, you go to a licensed and experienced practitioner as well as an institution that is known to follow certain standards and work under an excellent system.

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