Laser Hair Removal - general information´┐Ż

For those who follow fashion, and there are many who do, body hair removal is not a choice. Today's fashions demand a smooth, hair free body. And it seems that many women (and some men) will go to any lengths to get rid of what society says is "unsightly" body hair.

There are many methods, both old and new, to body hair removal, from shaving and plucking, to electrolysis and the latest trend, laser hair removal. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

There are several factors to consider when deciding which is the best method for you. A key factor to you may be cost --- laser hair removal is not cheap, but neither is electrolysis. And how much do you spend weekly (or twice weekly) on having a wax treatment? Laser hair removal does diminish and weaken hair re-growth, meaning you need less treatment.

Another factor you may wish to consider is the pain involved. This is a tricky one, because every individual perceives pain differently, and each person has a different pain threshold. Some people report feeling a mild pinching during treatment, others say it feels like being zapped with an elastic band. Others experience no pain or discomfort at all.

Another concern may be time. Shaving every couple of days can eat into your time and is messy, not to mention painful if you slip with the razor. Re-growth from shaving is quick, and the stubble tends to be sharp and prickly. Electrolysis is painful as well as expensive and exceptionally time consuming, since each individual hair is targeted. Re-growth is often mentioned as a problem in connection with electrolysis.

Another consideration is whether you are considered a good candidate for laser hair removal. Despite the hype and misinformation on the internet, it is not a miracle cure for all. Most types of cosmetic laser machines target melanin. This is the pigment or color in your skin and hair. Therefore those people whose skin is dark, i.e. those with more melanin in their skin, may find they experience skin discoloration after undergoing this type of laser treatment.

The ideal candidate for this non-invasive treatment is therefore someone with pale skin and dark hair. Typically the Irish combination of fair almost white skin, with dark brown or black hair and blue eyes is considered the most suitable type. The laser beam can clearly distinguish the dark hair (containing melanin) from the light skin.

But do not lose heart if laser hair removal is your last hope of keeping your skin smooth and silky. There are techniques which a skilled technician can apply to help maximize the efficiency of the treatment, and minimize the risks. Check out the links on this website to find a local skilled and qualified technician in your area.

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