Simple Steps to Treat Your Acne

You may be mortified by the fact that you have an acne problem, but you should be happy that there are so many ways in which it can be treated. Even if you are coming up against acne for the first time, there is plenty you can do to help yourself. Here are some of the factors you need to consider. 1. Acne and Exercise.

This may come as a surprise but you can really make a difference to your acne by keeping fit. Apart from anything else, exercise will make you feel good and lift your spirits so that you are in a better position to cope with your condition However, it is also important to remember that you should be suitably dressed for the kind of exercise you have in mind. Ideally, your clothing should be loose and comfortable and above all, clean.

It is better to use natural fabrics, which will allow your skin to breathe and provide good air circulation. This is a very important way to treat Acne. 2. Acne and Cosmetics. If you are fond of using cosmetics, make sure you use products that do not have an oily base, so that they do not block the pores of your skin. Select hypoallergenic perfumes and cosmetics so that you do not have to deal with allergic reactions from ingredients contained in heavy creams etc.

3. Acne and Diet. Although diet is not directly related to acne, it has everything to do with your general health and particularly the health of your skin. So do ensure that you are eating right and taking in enough of the vital nutrients. These include Vitamin A, although high doses of this vitamin have proved to be toxic; the B Vitamins, as well as Vitamins C and E.

You could also take vitamin and mineral supplements of a reliable brand. However, do remember that it is best to get nutrients mainly from food sources and supplements should only be props. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and make sure that you drink lots of water to flush out your system.

4. Acne and Hormonal Activity. This is particularly important in the adolescent years, when hormonal changes may cause acne to flare up.

It is also relevant for women who have to cope with hormonal changes and their effects on the menstrual cycle. Acne that has been caused by hormonal imbalances can be treated by the application of topical creams or oral antibiotics. Adults may opt for hormone replacement therapy or HRT, or decide to use birth control pills. They may also combine these with over the counter or OTC medications. 5.

Treatment of skin with acne. Whatever you do, be gentle with your skin, especially when you have acne. Avoid touching your face as far as possible, wash your face with a mild cleanser and dry it gently but thoroughly. Ideally, you should pat your face dry so that you do not stretch your skin or aggravate the acne by rough handling.

Gentle skin treatment is vital in treating acne. 6. Acne Treatment Products.

If you are using acne treatment products, make sure that you have chosen products of a good quality, so that you are not troubled by side effects or toxicity. Use proactive products as far as possible, because they have a natural base and cannot do you any harm. And do not forget that you have a number of magical solutions in your kitchen, which can work wonders for you! 7. Shaving with acne. Unlikely as it may sound, shaving can serve as a great way to exfoliate your skin.

Of course, you will have to be careful if your face is covered with acne, but you can try to get around the trouble spots carefully. Shaving can actually help to clear blemishes such as blackheads and whiteheads quite effectively. Use a razor with a sharp blade and gentle sweeping motions rather than heavy pressure.

A razor with a single blade will be more effective than one with a twin blade. And you will feel better using an electric shaver rather than a manual razor if you have an acne problem, although conventional razors would probably give you a closer shave. 8. Combat acne and stress with rest, sleep and diversions. Since stress can play a part in aggravating acne, it is essential to ensure that you get enough rest and sleep. Keep yourself busy with stimulating activities that will keep you in good spirits.

Keep up a good lifestyle and take advantage of opportunities to divert yourself with simple pleasures like walking out with a friend etc. If you follow all these suggestions, you will be well equipped to deal with your acne, no matter how bad it is. Confide in your family and friends. They will be happy to help. And do not forget that professional guidance is never very far away. Your doctor and dermatologist will have your interests at heart as well.

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