The Craftsmanship of Body Piercing

To perforate the body soft tissues, providing new apertures for various objects to be placed in them ? this historically could have been done with all the different reasons: for an instance, ancient Romans were practically smart to use their pierced nipples for special rings which then allowed for their cloaks to stay in place. And infamous avant-garde artist Prince Albert, whose name is given nowadays to entire trade of the most popular male genital piercing, back then once had pierced his own balanus in order to tie his penis to his hip ? as it was suitable while wearing his favorite close-fit pants and which otherwise would disagree with His Royalty anatomy. Much more diverse reasons had Africans and other countries locals driven in their ways with the piercing ? their aesthetic canon roots reach such time depths western body-art devotees have never dreamt of. Nevertheless, these days the art of piercing seemingly goes through its second birth in Western countries. Owing to the efforts of some high-end fine fashion craftsmen, it has gradually repositioned itself from punk-style category to lawful luxury kind of body-decor.

Services of piercing-craftsmen are seeking by well-adapted to modern environment individuals. Of course, the kind of metal "bells and whistles" sporting by pop-stars and other cult persons in their pierced navels, nose wings, helixes and tongues could not leave the youngsters indifferent ? and hence, popularity of the piercing became sky-rocketing. From medical point of view, the very procedure of body piercing is quite simple technically. Naturally ? providing that it is subject to all required knowledge and skills possessed by the performer.

However, no one even the most experienced piercing professional could be guaranteed from complications during the procedure. Every customer has his own unique anatomic peculiarities of blood circulation, and thus to forecast the probability of dangerous bleeding is practically impossible ? especially when speaking about the piercing of areas with mass vessels accumulation. Even more serious underlying issues are hidden in specific immunity response reaction in customers. Post-operational inflammation, swelling, allergic reactions in late post-surgery time may be several and sometimes life-threatening. For an example, several and acute swelling of pierced tongue can result in substantial breathing interruption. Also, progressed oral cavity infections, uncomfortable as they alone are, could end up in fairly grave aftermath conditions ? up to the development of infectious toxic shock and sepsis.

Speech abnormalities, chances to have the teeth damaged by inserted adornments, probability to have these objects entered the breathing passages ? all of these reasons had called for serious critique which piercing underwent from various medical associations.

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