The Truth About Plastic Surgery And AntiAging

For many people, plastic surgery is a way to turn back the clock when it comes to their aging skin. Often this is a result of not paying enough attention or knowing how to care for their skin and body while they were younger. Of course, the best medicine is preventative medicine, which recommends that a healthy diet, lots of water, moderate exercise, and a good organic skin care regimen all started at a young age. However, not everybody was able, or knew to, do this when they were younger.

Of these people, many turn to plastic surgery to correct their mistakes and anti age their faces. In years gone by, plastic surgery consisted of one treatment or surgery at a time, meaning that women (and men) who needed to have several different things done to their face in order to achieve the look of youth that was desired had to undergo a number of surgeries and recuperation periods. This meant time off from work for many, making it take a long time to get to where they wanted to be where their looks were concerned. Today, anti aging through plastic surgery does not necessarily mean multiple times under the blade. There are many surgeries that can be combined, so that one time of operation can result in many things being achieved at once.

This is a great help to those who want several things done. Not only does it mean much less time off from work and less total recuperation time, but it means less expense because you only have to pay for anesthesia and other necessities one time, rather than once for each different procedure to be done. One such combination is a combination laser resurfacing and face lift. Side effects are minimal when these two treatments are done in the same treatment and the procedures are well known for combating the effects of sun damage combined with the natural aging process. Both sun damage (also called photo aging) and the natural aging process often result in excessive skin and loose jowls, giving the appearance of a sagging face.

The process which counters these effects in one treatment is actually the non invasive treatment, ablative laser surgery. Side effects of this treatment are very similar to the side effects of treatment by laser, which are minimal when compared to side effects from invasive surgery. The one side effect that may bother people and happens in about one in five cases is a discoloration that lasts for as long as four months. Another plus for the combination is that heavy anesthesia is not required; a twilight anesthesia can be used through intravenous means.

Again, this reduces the risk to patients. The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery has long recommended that patients not have multiple surgeries while under any anesthesia because of the health risk it poses so this treatment is getting rave reviews from the association because of its light anesthesia and short amount of time that patients need to be under the anesthesia. The CO2 laser which is used for this procedure can be used in other ways, too. By utilizing this form of anti aging treatment, skin looks toned and smooth, creating a younger looking face. It is entirely possible for wrinkles and discoloration due to sun exposure to be removed without using this laser. Many people who have face lifts prefer to have the laser used on them intermittently to counteract aging processes between face lifts.

This form of anti-aging seems to be getting a foothold throughout the world of plastic surgery. If you are seriously considering any form of plastic surgery, you should always research the surgery you are interested in and find a derma logical surgeon (plastic surgeon) with considerable experience in the field. Keep in mind that not all of these surgeons are knowledgeable and experienced with CO2 lasers and careful consideration should be taken when deciding on the surgeon you choose. One of the best ways to find a good surgeon is to talk to people who have had the procedure done. Find out how they liked the results, if there were any problems that required additional treatments and how comfortable they were with the surgeon. Also, ask if they will go back to that surgeon if they decide to have further treatments.

You will find that some people prefer not to discuss it while others are more than willing to talk about it with you. Plastic surgery is so common today that most people don't mind answering your questions.

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